Kings Point Lakes & Ponds

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Pond Maintenance by Solitude Lake Management

The Master Association contracts with Solitude Lake Management to maintain the ponds of King Point to keep them healthy and looking beautiful!

Solitude Lake Management is dedicated to making water a more healthy and beautiful part of our world. In that pursuit, Solitude offers sustainable solutions that improve water quality, enhance beauty, preserve natural resources and reduce our environmental footprint.

Solitude’s highly-trained team of scientists, biologists, ecologists, and aquatic resource management professionals specializes in the development and execution of customized lake, pond, wetland, and fisheries management programs that include water quality testing and restoration, nutrient remediation, algae, and aquatic weed control, installation and maintenance of fountains and aeration systems, bathymetry, mechanical harvesting and hydro-raking, lake vegetation studies, biological assessments, habitat evaluations, and invasive species management.

Solitude’s Program Manager is Jason Jasczak who holds an A.A.S. in Fishery Science.  He has been with us here at Kings Point for over fourteen years.  He is assisted by Cory Silver who visits all KP ponds monthly. You may see them inspecting and maintaining our ponds.


The Master Association has established a pond committee to review and evaluate the best options for our pond treatments and maintenance.  If you are interested in joining this committee please contact the committee chairperson, Rob Davies at

pond 6

Pond #6

No issues observed during this inspection.  An alligator was spotted but quickly retreated. Treatment of algae development appears to be working.

pond 2

Pond #1

Minor development of filamentous algae along the shoreline was treated. Native Gulf Spikerush was identified and will be promoted.

pond 133

Pond #133

Small areas of terrestrial growth where some lily pads have uprooted. Treatment targeting terrestrial vegetation and cattails was performed.

Recreational Use For Kings Point Ponds

1. Fishing - (Catch and Release Only)
Download Rules For Fishing Here


1.  Swimming Boating, Kayaking, Playing with floating toys in or around a lakes or any other similar activities.

2. Conducting any activity at a lake that creates a disturbance to adjacent unit owners.


Downloadable Map:
Map of Kings Point Ponds



Seminar Videos

Pond Seminar # 7

March 17, 2023 @ 9:30 AM

KPNCH - Veterans Theater

Title: Microorganisms in our Ponds

Speaker: Paula Staples

Pond Seminar # 6

February 24, 2023 @ 9:30 AM

KPNCH - Veterans Theater

Title: History of Kings Point Ponds

Speaker: Rob Davies and Jason Jasczak

Power Point Presentation - Here

Pond Seminar # 5

January 25, 2023 @ 9:30 AM

KPNCH - Card Room

Title: Adopt-A-Pond Program

Speaker: Troy Green, Supervisor for the County's Environmental Services Division

Power Point Presentation - Here

Pond Seminar # 4

March 24, 2022 - Veterans Theater - 10:30 AM

Title: The Day in the Life of a Pond

Speaker: Kate Borduas - Florida Master Naturalist

Power Point Presentation - Here

Title: Plants for Birds
Speaker: Anne Whitehall of the Eagle Audubon Society

Pond Seminar # 3

February 17, 2022 - Veterans Theater - 9 AM

Title: Kings Point Pond and Fishing

Speaker: Robert Smedberg and Bob Howell

Power Point Presentation - Here

Title: Stormwater in Your Neighborhood

Speaker: Tyler Meighan

Power Point Presentation - Here

Pond Seminar # 2

January 26, 2022 - Veterans Theater - 9 AM

Title: Landscape Plants and Practices that Help Keep Stormwater Ponds Healthy

Speaker: Paula Staples

Title: Stormwater in Your Neighborhood

Speaker: Ivie Metzen

Background: Environmental Science & Policy, NPDES Stormwater Compliance
Topics: Stormwater Systems, Stormwater Pollutants & Adopt-A-Pond

Educational Videos

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Educational Links

Solitude Lake Management has several brochures, pamphlets, and videos regarding ponds. You are encouraged to visit there educational resources site for more information by selecting the link HERE.