Due to inclement weather milling is canceled today, August 16th.  An updated schedule will be posted when available.

The paving project is scheduled to begin August 16th.  Though start times will occasionally be 7:30 am on site, we will make every effort to not start up the ‘heavy’ and louder equipment until conditions are favorable to complete the work.

We recognize that road maintenance can sometimes be a difficult experience.  We will do all we can to make it as “painless” for you as possible. Since you will not be able to drive on your section of road on the day of paving, we are offering full time golf cart transportation during the entire duration of this project. The point of contact for this service is Steven Moore.  He can be reached at 813-882-0073. This information will be posted on LED signage along with the daily schedule. ALL ROADS WILL REMAIN OPEN DURING THE MILLING PROCESS.

Please note:  If you plan to use your car on your day of paving, it must be moved before 7:30 am to one of the designated parking areas (See maps below). After calling Steven at the above phone number, he will pick you up and return you to your home.  After paving is complete, call Steven once again and he will return you to your car at the golf course.

2019 Kings Point Paving Project Tentative Schedule...

Milling Schedule:
Portions of Canterbury Lane – 8/16 & 8/17
Portions of Canton Court – 8/16
Knoll Point Drive – 8/17
Bloom Court – 8/17
Bedford Lane – 8/19
Kings Blvd. Entrance Lane  - 8/26 (evening work)
Kings Blvd. Exit Lane - 8/28 (evening work)

Paving Schedule: